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Final Products


Greece’s final product is this current site:

The design was originally made by Greece’s contact person Giorgos Kotsifakis along with a group of participating students.


Germany’s final products include:

1)The video documentation of our program consisting of different videos for each mobility

2) The teaching units

Germany’s Unterrichtsplanung- Eine Handreichung_EN


Italys’s final products is:

Italy’s fashionable accessory that symbolizes Europe


The spirit of union and community of the European peoples has been the leading theme for the development of the Erasmus + project that some of the students from 3 E class have carried out interpreting the tradition of leather manufacture in Scandicci .

Our students have created some leather accessories among which key-cases, document- holders, tablet folders and wallets inspired by the themes of  the union among  people and the colours of the European flag.

The initial designs and technical drawings have been examined and chosen in team following  criteria of aesthetics, functionality and technical characteristics.

During the workshop sessions and the lessons the students of the Fashion class have acquired the bases of leather manufacturing which they have applied in the designing phase of the products, while the making process has been entrusted to Almax  leather factory in Scandicci.


Romania’s final products is: Romania’s no discrimination guide

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