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The city of Chania is the second largest city in the island of Crete with a population of around 60000 inhabitants. Chania has a long and rich history from the prehistoric to the modern era. Chania is built on the ruins of the ancient Kydonia, an important Prehistoric city for its size and strength. It has been under Venetian domination for around 400 years and under Ottoman occupation for 250 years. That has resulted to a multicultural city, a city in which many nationalities (Romans, Venetians, Turks, Egyptians etc) and many religions (Christians, Muslims, Jewish) coexisted for large periods of time. All those different civilisations have left their trace both on the land and the people. Many monuments still stand reminding the old times. The old Venetian harbour with the lighthouse, the old city walls, mosques, monasteries and orthodox churches reflect the cities multicultural past.

Nowadays,  Chania, is a modern, vibrant and safe place to live. In addition, it is a place of great natural beauty. That is the reason why many foreigners, especially from other European countries, choose Chania as the place for their vacations and even for their permanent residence.



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