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2nd mobility in Greece

Modern languages imported from ancient Greek a common (and unfortunately well known and largely used) word ξενοφοβία (Xenophobia).

The ancient Greeks used as counterpart another word and knew its importance – φῐλοξενῐ́ᾱ (Philoxenia). Ancient Greeks believed in this friendship, in this love (Philo) for diversity (Xenos). They believed that God protects strangers and therefore they felt their duty to give hospitality to those who come and pass by. Philoxenia is unconditional eagerness to help others, to assist and give shelter without asking any questions.

Well, our Erasmus+ group was impressed by that and we were curious to know, to see and experience that. With these expectations we came for our 2nd mobility to Chania (Crete). The world we found there tells us a millennial story of a wonderful and magic country – founded directly by Minos (son of Zeus and Europe), conquered by Greeks, shaped by Romans, influenced by Venetians, attacked by Turks, and finally occupied by Germans. They all left traces, hints of their story (a wall, a fruit, a castle, a tradition, a word).

Cretan people have learned to deal with diversity. They built religious houses for those who lived there, they integrated those who came and remained, they accepted diversity. And nowadays Cretan people love their proud and sunny island and are still eager to help new comers – escaping wars, famine, fear.

We can all learn from their successful story and try to overcome our fear for differences – developing a new, open, optimistic approach to human love.

Erasmus+ helped us. And we are all proud of.

Dr. Detti and Erasmus+-AG

Program: Greek mobility program
Invitation: Invitation to Greek mobility

Day 0 – Sunday 22nd Apr 2018

Preparing the Greek mobility

Welcome to Chania

Day 1 - Monday 23th Apr 2018

@3rd Senior High school of Chania

Welcome to Crete – Introducing our school

Using a traditional Cretan product at Chem lab

Interactive meeting games

Workshop:  Quick intro to Greek philosophy-language-culture

Four European flags welcome our European guests for the first time in o
Welcome to Chania
Welcome to our school @ The 3rd Senior High School of Chania
Our school
Welcome to our mobility
Preparing the Cretan soaps @ the chemistry lab
Using olive oil, a fine Cretan product, to create a soap
Our Cretan soaps
Our Cretan soaps
Lunch at the school provided by students and their family
First day sunset
First day sunset
An excellent photo by our student guest Manuel depicting the beauty of the Cretan landscape

Day 2 – Tuesday 24th Apr 2018

@Cultural Center of Chania  Course:     Introduction to the history of Crete

@Chania old city  A historical walk through the city of Chania

@Social stage – Immigrants house  of Chania  Workshop: Our Europe today, focus on the migration issue

City tour in Chania – a walk through its history
Chania old lighthouse
A symbol of the city’s past
Chania Venetian fortification
Chania old arsenals
Chania old harbour
Yali tzamisi – a piece of Islamic art next to the Venetian walls
An instance of our group from the city tour @ the Old Venetian of Chania
All together with the lighthouse of the old harbour, the symbol of our city’s history, at the background
Firka fortress
Visit to Chania’s Synagogue
Visit to the Catholic church
The minaret at Daliani street
Around the streets of the old town
Around the streets of the old town
Around the streets of the old town
Around the streets of the old town
Souvlaki lunch break
Visit to the Social Stage of Chania
Discussing our thoughts immigration issues
Relaxing afternoon
Playfull afternoon
Romantic evening by the seashore
End of day 2

Day 3 – Wednesday 25th Apr 2018

Excursion to Herakleion

Guided visit at the archeological site of Knossos

Walk through the center of the city of Herakleion

Guided visit to Koules fortress

Visit to the Palace of Knossos
Intro to Minoan Civilisation by our guide
Knossos Palace
Knossos palace
Guided tour @ Knossos palace
Guided tour @ Knossos palace
Wandering around Knossos palace
Minoan Chamber
Minoa’s throne
Frescos of the Minoan Civilization
Our volunteer guide to Knossos Palace, Mrs Sfakaki
Group photo @ Knossos palace
Visit to Koules fortress
Guided tour at Koules
Inside Koules
Our day trip to Herakleion ending
That was a really hot day !!

Day 4 – Thursday 26th Apr 2018

Visit to the monastery of Agia Kyriaki at Varypetro

Short program at the environmental education center

Walk around the caves

Visit to the monastery of Metamorphosis under the Kastelos fortress

Visit to Venizelos Graves

Heading to the St Kyriaki Monastery, a walk through a typical Cretan magnificent landscape just a few minutes away from Chania city
All participating students @ St Kyriaki Monastery
Listening to our guide sister from Australia
St Kyriaki’s monastery excibition
Monk cave residencies
Wandering around the caves around St Kyriaki
St Kyriaki monastery
All together students and teachers @ St Kyriaki Monastery
Greek dream team !!!
The Venizelos tombs’ monument
Sailing at Chania harbour
In a submarine
End of day 4

Day 5 – Friday 27th Apr 2018

Feedback on the mobility. Preparing the mobility results.

Leaving an Erasmus handprint to the school (graphiti with a verse from Erofili)

Conclusion of the mobility, presentation of  results, goodbye buffet

Last day in our school – It is hard to say goodbye
A brief lesson by our dear colleague
Italian students’ presentation @ computer lab
Preparing our ‘verse from Erofili’ graphiti
Visit of teachers at the town hall
It is time for Cretan dance
The sun sets and …
… the Greek mobility comes to its end
Bye bye Chania

Day 6 – Saturday 28th Apr 2018

Private excursions and departures

Last day excursion
Romanians at Athens Acropolis
Germans goodbye
A warm goodbye hug
A true hug
Last day lunch at Marathi
Short while before Italian departure
Italians departing
Italians departing
End of mobility in Chania
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