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Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Schule

GCLS, our school in Ober-Ramstadt

In 2014/2015 our school, the “Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Schule”, acquired the reputational enrichment of a cultural prestige. As a school in which cultural diversity is highly promoted, it supports the developing sense of diversity and cultural heterogeneity and tries to contribute to the improvement of tolerance and respect thanks to international connections which are cultivated in Europe. It´s not a school in which students just have to attend lessons and constantly await the end of a boring school day. The main objective of the GCLS is to respect and implement the free will of young students to let them participate and become conscious of social current topics. Being involved in extracurricular activities (music, theatre, cuisine, first aid) and participating in creative projects (international exchange, Erasmus+) gives students as well as teachers the chance to actively take part in our society.  Having achieved this renommée,  the independent school  wishes to stay as dynamic as possible to provide an attractive offer including creative education, cooperation and integration.  Obviously, maintaning the principle of “school as an agreable place”, is the main goal of school’s administration, teachers and students. For this reason, we are proud of being part of this social community in which everything develops around individuality.

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