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1st mobility in Germany

Our first Erasmus+ mobility in the coldest week of this German winter has been a great success thanks to all Greek, Italian, Romanian, and German students and teachers.

The topic “biodiversity“ accompanied us through this week so that we learned a lot about prejudice, tolerance, respect for diversity and gender theory.

At the Zoo in Cologne and in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt we saw how animals and plants behave in their groups and how they adapt to their surroundings. In addition to this we visited Cologne and Frankfurt in order to deal with their historical backgrounds. And obviously we improved our English and made friends in our mixed-cultural-group.

We all enjoyed this wonderful time and we are excited to see one another in the partner countries again.


Program: Schedule German mobility
Invitation: Invitation to the first mobility

Day 0 – Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Private arrivals

Frankfurt panorama
Franfurt am Main
Greek representation in German mobility
The old and the new face of Frankfurt
Frankfurt center
The Greek sign…
A memorial…
All in a hug
Arrived at Ober Ramstadt

Day 1 - Monday 26th Feb 2018

Welcome at school – Europe comes together

Introducing our school

Historical memory – a walk through Ober-Ramstadt

Crash course #1: German language and its culture

Entering GCLS
Welcome with music
Around GCLS
Around GCLS
Around Ober Ramstadt with German students as guides 2
Around Ober Ramstadt with German students as guides
Around Ober Ramstadt
Dining out

Day 2 – Tuesday 27th Feb 2018

Workshop : Gender theory. How to be aware of differences and gender stereotypes. (by Marie-Louise Petersen)

Teachers with Marie-Louise Petersen

Day 3 – Wednesday 28th Feb 2018

Excursion to Cologne

Zoo in Cologne: Guided visit about sexual variety among animals

Guided tour in Cologne.

Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
At Köln Zoo
Romanian group photo
Guided tour at Köln Zoo
Around the Zoo
Discovering biodiversity
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln Zoo
Köln center
Köln city tour
Köln guided tour
Around Köln
Köln tour
Köln eau de cologne
Köln cathedral
Köln cathedral interior
Teachers group photo
On the road

Day 4 – Thursday 1st Mar 2018

Crash course #2: German language and its traditions

Excursion to Frankfurt

Guided tour in Palmengarten.

Workshops on:

Vegetative and generative reproduction

Diversity of tropical habitats.

Tour in Frankfurt

At Frankfurt’s Palmengarden
Guided tour
Guided tour
Discovering biodiversity

Day 5 – Friday 2nd March 2018

Feedback on the mobility. Preparing the final results.

Official conclusion of the German mobility and Buffet

Last day presentation
The tall ones
Group photo at GCLS
Closing ceremony at GCLS
Group photo
Teachers group
The Greek team

Day 6 – Saturday 3rd March 2018

Private departures


Departing Ober Ramstadt
Greek students departing
Greek team departing
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