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Colegiul National “George Cosbuc”

George Coșbuc National College is a state school located in the centre of ClujNapoca. The foundation of our school dates back to 1919 when it first opened its doors as “Regina Maria” (“Queen Mary”) High School for Girls, being the first institution of its kind in Transylvania. Later it was restructured, and from 1956 on came to be known as George Coșbuc National College. Today approximately 1500 boys and girls study here.

There are two aspects that make it stand out: first, it is the onlyschool in the city offering a line of study in German – not only do students speakGerman as a mother tongue, but they also study the majority of their other schoolsubjects in German. Even in the parallel Romanian classes pupils studyGerman as a foreign language from a very young age. Every year students getthe chance to take part in projects and exchange programmes at high schoolsfrom Karlsbad and Bad Sachsa, which has a remarkably positive effect onthem, and in many cases it determines them to pursue university degrees inGerman-speaking countries.

Besides the focus on foreign languages andhumanities, the school also has an outstanding science department. Our ICT,chemistry, physics and biology labs are well-equipped with all the necessaryteaching aids and materials that enable our students to prepare for their futurecareers in medicine or IT.

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